Sunday, June 27, 2010

Best Wishes To Kak Long & Ijal

I can't wait to use this new 'gadget' that I got from my SIL, a souvenir from her trip to Orlando recently... a Wilton Cake Leveler. Wow!

the cake leveler, thanks a lot Sis!

used the cake leveler to slice the cake into three - the butter chocolate cake, which is
a new recipe from my sister
; thanks Sis!

here's the iced 3-layer cake - chocolate buttercream icing

ta-da! the finished decorated cake for Kak Long & Ijal

the cake, view from top

Congratulations Kak Long! A new doctor is in the making!

Happy Birthday Ijal! May Allah bless you!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

School Hols Project

It's school holidays again!
It's time to be happy and merry.
Or, it's time to be bored and busy.
You choose which state you want to be.
You have the power to control and direct and propel yourself in whatever you set your mind on.
You can complaint and be grumpy.
Or you can smile and be happy/merry.
You can choose which state you want to be.
You and only you, have right to control your own mind.

You are what you think...
Again (I can't stress this enough), you are what you think...

Almond brownies for Kak Nana's makan-makan event last weekend...

A school hols team project by ibu, Hasif, Dalilah & Diana...

** this post is dedicated to my lovely children... and YOU!