Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Rahila!

A little something for my office staff - marbled cheese brownes with walnut - to celebrate Rahila's birthday.

I managed to get 36 pieces from the 7-inch cake tin. So, 30 pieces for the office and 6 for family members. Do you think that's enough?

Yes, enough for home but definitely not enough for my office-mates! Sorry guys, that's all I can afford to do on one sitting!

Happy Belated Birthday Rahila!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Congratulations For The New Birth!

This is a gift fo Yan, my cousin, who is celebrating the birth of her third daughter, Hani Nashreen.

I've been wanting to create these cute little booties since I first saw them at Wilton's website.

Congratulations Yan for the new baby. May Allah bless her and your family too!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mini Project - Edible Image

Dalilah have been asking for cupcakes with princess edible image for ages. At last I complied, because there are some leftover batter and icing after Doll Cake Version 2 project.

Her little brother also asked for some Ben 10 characters. So, I made them two cupcakes each, with simple dotted borders.

They love their cupcakes and at no time the plate was empty!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Doll Cake Version 2

Me: Dayah's birthday is on April 12, right?
Sis: Yes!...err...why do you ask?
Me: Are you going to celebrate it? Birthday Party, Birthday kenduri, or the like? It falls on a Saturday you know, just nice....
Sis: Hmmm... there'll be a big kenduri at Cik Salmah's, my neighbour, that day... I'm sure our parents would be busy too. Next day, on Sunday, Dayah will have to attend her tuition class, and then off we shall go to my in-laws in Sentul. Ahhh, no time lah! Perhaps we'll celebrate on a small scale, just the family....
Me: I don'care whether you want to celebrate or not, I still want to bake a cake for her!
Sis: Err...errr...ok...ok, if that's what you wish, I'll discuss the matter with her father. What about the following week...

The above conversation was between me and my dear sister sometime on early April. To cut the long story short, at last we celebrated Dayah's and three others birthday last weekend. The three are my nephews (Zahin and Hafiz) and my dear SIL!

Here was my doll cake, specially made for the birthday girls.

Took me a week to finish it, starting from making the sugarpaste from scratch for the alphabets and the doll's whatchamacallit... the 'upper dress'... And then to let it dry a few days. Also, it took me three solid hours just to deco the doll's skirt. Phew!

As Dalilah, my dedicated supporter and critique, commented that my doll-cake-version-1's bum was so HUGE, I made an effort (considerably HUGE effort, because I have to spend money and precious time for it!) to achieve a smaller bum for this doll... Never mind that Dalilah doesn't know that the ladies during the Victorian era intentionally wore 'hoops' inside their skirts to make their skirts appear HUGE and fluffy!

My dear SIL also prepared her fabulous cupcakes for the occasion. Here and here were her creations for that special day.

Happy Birthday Aida, Dayah, Zahin and Hafiz! May Allah bless you!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mini Project - Sugarpaste deco

Since I still have some leftover sugarpaste, I managed to test my skill on this cupcake deco, which I've learned from Daalia.

What do you think? Can I pass?

This design is suitable for wedding or engagement gifts.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Lynn!

This 4x4 set of vanilla cupcakes was ordered by Haziq and friends for Lynn, who is still studying at Branang. This is the first time that I use this 'special' cupcake box. Thanks Aida and Daalia for your help!

Thanks Haziq and friends. Hope Lynn likes the cupcakes!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quick Fix Pizza & Sugarpaste/ Gumpaste

Once in a while, if the mood is okay, and if/when the right 'people' is around, I make an effort to bake some pizza. Nowadays, making pizza is quite simple as we need not prepare the pizza crust from scratch anymore. There are pita bread, roti naan, roti arab and ready-made pratha that can be used as pizza crust. They are all available at the local supermarkets such as Giant, Carrefour and Tesco. But, I have not seen/ found roti arab at those supermarkets so far. Usually I got them from the road-side sellers near my office. In my opinion, roti arab is the best for pizza crust because even after you have baked it for half an hour, the crust still feel soft and spongy, unlike pita bread, which can turn hard as stone!

Just pour your leftover spaghetti sauce or Prego sauce on top of the crust and lump all the other delicious, yummy stuff, ie, frankfurster slices, onion, shrimp, button mushroom, sambal ikan bilis and bell peppers and top it with cheddar + parmesan + mozarella cheese and pop it into the oven. Mmmm...yummy!!

I baked three of this, the last pizza is topped with eggs (special).

And here is my first ever sugarpaste project (some say gumpaste, but frankly, I don't know the difference between both). I made it from scratch. Sooo tiring!

They are for somebody's birhday. Who?
I'll tell the story on my next posting, perhaps. Tunggu!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Makcik!

This is a request from Dalilah. She wanted a cake to be given to her beloved Makcik, the person who has taken care of her since she was 20 days old. One thing good about Dalilah, my family can rely on her to remember everybody's date of birth!

Steamed fruit cake covered with chocolate buttercream icing, decorated using dropped flowers and connelly (is this spelling correct?) lace techniques.

This is the cake on the inside. I am quite satisfied with the results - fruits evenly spreaded inside the cake...

However, I still need to improve on my handwriting, and, after I had taken the pictures, I realized that I have also forgotten to cross my 't'... (Happy Birlhday) :( .... oh well....

Luckily, nobody realized it!