Friday, January 29, 2010

Congratulations Aiman

Good news! My nephew, Aiman got 8As for his PMR Examinations. He was offered a place at a selected boarding school in Perak.

Congratulations Aiman!

Not to be forgotten, Happy Advanced Birthday to my dear SIL, Kak Eton and nephew, Aqlie.
Also, Happy Belated Birthday to my niece, Farisha.

This 'baking project' is dedicated to all four of them, ahem, a 4-in-1 project!

pose from the south side

pose from the east

pose from south side again...

The event was at my MIL's house, as usual.

Wish you all the best!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January Birthdays

These are some of the baking projects for January birthdays.

Somehow this month I crave for brownies. Therefore, instead of chocolate cakes, I opted for brownies, one with walnut and the other without brownies.

this big one was for my office

walnut-brownies-in-paper-cups for my darling sister, the 'baby' of the family

I love seeing people enjoying my cakes/ brownies!

Happy Birthday to all January girls & boys who read this post!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Fondant cake for Jannah

I'm so excited!

This is my second fondant cake, and it turned out fabulous! Ahem... if I may say so... *smile*.

I really had a great time planning and preparing it. Had the roses done a week earlier with help from my dear SIL, who is now quite an expert on it.

The cake was for my cousin Jannah's wedding solemnization ceremony last weekend. Wish her all the best and pray that Allah will bless her with happiness and barakah in this marriage (and a great number of children too! *smile*).

Thanks for cousin Maya too for having faith in me...

isn't she's a beauty? pink colour... my favourite colour too...

view from top

close up

Frankly, there are several details that I need to improve *sigh*. But I'm not going to reveal it now! For now, I want to bask in this feeling of achievement!

Monday, January 18, 2010

God Bless You, Son

Phew, it's been ages that I last updated this blog. This blog has been covered with webs and I need to a lot of cleaning up before I can post this entry. I have a lot of updates to do, but for now I am thankful enough to be able to update this entry with another one of my baking projects. A chocolate moist cake with chocolate buttercream for Zarif and friends. I brought this during one of my visits to his school during the SPM examination.

simple, yet delicious

the cake, posing with a vase of flowers...

Hope they did well in the exam...