Monday, January 25, 2010

Fondant cake for Jannah

I'm so excited!

This is my second fondant cake, and it turned out fabulous! Ahem... if I may say so... *smile*.

I really had a great time planning and preparing it. Had the roses done a week earlier with help from my dear SIL, who is now quite an expert on it.

The cake was for my cousin Jannah's wedding solemnization ceremony last weekend. Wish her all the best and pray that Allah will bless her with happiness and barakah in this marriage (and a great number of children too! *smile*).

Thanks for cousin Maya too for having faith in me...

isn't she's a beauty? pink colour... my favourite colour too...

view from top

close up

Frankly, there are several details that I need to improve *sigh*. But I'm not going to reveal it now! For now, I want to bask in this feeling of achievement!

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  1. it so very nice looking la,, nak kene menuntut ngan kak zura ni..