Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cupcakes for BUG's Farewell Potluck Party

Kak Ros called last Monday to order mixed cupcakes for her colleague's farewell event. It was last a minute thing and she wanted it by Wednesday night. Gosh... I have never had any 'baking projects' as challenging as this! But, it was fun and exciting baking four types of cakes, vanilla, orange, chocolate and pandan at the same time. And, I really enjoyed designing it with my err... better half... *smile*.

This is the results....

Since Kak Ros dictated the wordings to be written on the cupcakes, I designed the theme as "BUG is going over for greener pastures...", therefore the bugs (ladybirds and butterflies) and the green grass design. Anyway, I was told that Bug's real name is Bakhtiar *smile*.

Thanks a lot Kak Ros, and wish you Best of Luck, Bug!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Syahirah's Birthday and Thanksgiving kenduri

This is the undecorated cupcakes. This time I'm trying butter cheese cake. Not so sweet.
Seems that this flavour is quite a favourite among my family.

Happy Belated Birthday Shira/ Shahirah!
Congratulations to Aqlie for being accepted to Sekolah Alam Shah, Putrajaya.
Both are cousins and they are two of my numerous nieces and nephews.

This time I'm trying to do other designs apart from the 'flower & girlish' designs...

The cake and cupcakes at the occasion, my MIL's house. The chocolate moist cake is by Secret Recipe, the cupcakes are from yours truly...

This is the birthday girl cutting the cake. You go, girl!

Cupcakes for Diana's Birthday and cupcakes for Haziq

The first two of the 16-piece pack of cupcakes belong to Diana. We sent them to SSP for her to enjoy them with her friends last weekend. They were less messy than a big cake or a doll cake as I had earlier planned for her.

This 16-piece pack were brought to Alor Gajah for Haziq to enjoy them with his friends.

Jojie's Birthday and fruit cake

These are outdated pictures, about 2 weeks back. The first was a birthday present for Jojie - steamed chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache. First time I tried to do the basketweave technique. Turned out ok although although the first few were a bit messy. Hope you don't notice them! (I managed to cover them with the sugarpaste flowers....hihihi!)

The second picture is my first ever baked fruit cake. This is a simple fruitcake, eggless, suitable for vegetarians.