Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday Kamil!

I would like to thank my dear sister, Inoi, for giving me the chance to work on this project.

A very interesting project - requested by Azlin, her childhood friend.

This is the first time I did a non-flowery on un-girlish (is there such word?) theme. The theme is 'GILA-GILA' and the cupcakes were for a man. Men-themed cakes are sooo limited!

I racked my brains to fulfill this theme, with help from my darling Dalilah. Cupcakes are supposed to be sweet and refreshing and nice and beautiful. I feel it's sacriligious to put/design anything hideous on them that make people feel 'choked' to eat them. What am I going to put/draw on those cakes?

Soooo, here's the results!!

See the design on top right and bottom left cupcakes? That was Inoi's idea.
She suggested 4 cupcakes for this design but I didn't have the heart to put too many cupcakes with this design.... ugh!

hope the rest of the hand-drawn designs are recognizable...

Hope I didn't disappoint Azlin and fervently hope that Kamil likes them! Happy Birthday Kamil!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Interesting Recipe Book

Commercial Break!

I have no baking project to report today, but in a mood to post something here. Haziq is supposed to mail me the pictures of my latest project, as all the said pictures reside in his friend's camera. Unfortunately, he is already in Melaka now.

"How come the pictures are not in YOUR camera?" you might ask.

Well.... it's a long story... anyway, truthfully, I'm quite pissed off, but I hope to be able to post those pictures in my next post. It was an interesting project and I put quite an effort to execute it. And am quite satisfied with the results.

Enough of baking projects.

See the picture of Chef's Sabri recipe book above? He is quite a versatile Chef and you will love his book. The layout is very nice and he gives very good tips, especially for beginners. There are recipes on cakes too, apart from the full range of recipes; from main dish to desserts to soups to rice dishes etc.

Here's an excerp of the book:

Dunia Masakan Chef Sabri

Price: RM40.00

Send any questions about this product

Author : Chef Ahmad Sabri Abu Hassan
Catalog Code : TBBK 1095
ISBN : 978-967-5102-25-7
PRICE : RM 40.00

Chef Sabri menggunakan pengalaman beliau sebagai Master Chef untuk menghasilkan himpunan resipi pilihan yang pasti menjadi. Lengkap dengan tip, amalan dan cadangan yang harus kita amalkan ketika di dapur. Bukan itu sahaja, malah anda akan dikejutkan dengan pengalaman dalam dunia chef. Sila lihat di dalam untuk lebih banyak kejutan... Jom kita memasak sendiri untuk mendapatkan yang HALAL dan BERSIH 100%. Makanan bersih membentuk jiwa dan minda yang HEBAT lagi BERKAT.

Good news! You don't need to go to the bookstore to get it. You can just order it here, pay the price and it will be sent to your door (or any address you prefer) in 3 days.

True! I've tried and tested it! Guaranteed!

Don't worry, go on, try it! Here's the e-store:

Or, alternatively, you can click on the picture above or below.

Have a nice time browsing!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Purple Power Part 2

So glad that at last I finished my third doll cake.

Been working on it for a week starting with the fondant alphabets and fondant upper gown.

However, when I finished, it looked PURPLE!


purple hair, purple gown, purple hair ribbon, purple flowers and purple alphabets

left only with a fair, beige skin and gold accessories

and...last but not least.... golden-colored cake board!

Hope both of you like it... Happy Birthday Diana & Syira!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Purple Power Part 1

Luckily I remembered Jojie's Birthday.

I was so busy that I almost forgot her birthday which coincides with Diana's.

first time I used fondant alphabets on cupcakes,
with fondant flowers and leaves too

second pose with different arrangements,
which is better, eh?

Happy Birthday Jojie... may Allah bless you...