Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday Kamil!

I would like to thank my dear sister, Inoi, for giving me the chance to work on this project.

A very interesting project - requested by Azlin, her childhood friend.

This is the first time I did a non-flowery on un-girlish (is there such word?) theme. The theme is 'GILA-GILA' and the cupcakes were for a man. Men-themed cakes are sooo limited!

I racked my brains to fulfill this theme, with help from my darling Dalilah. Cupcakes are supposed to be sweet and refreshing and nice and beautiful. I feel it's sacriligious to put/design anything hideous on them that make people feel 'choked' to eat them. What am I going to put/draw on those cakes?

Soooo, here's the results!!

See the design on top right and bottom left cupcakes? That was Inoi's idea.
She suggested 4 cupcakes for this design but I didn't have the heart to put too many cupcakes with this design.... ugh!

hope the rest of the hand-drawn designs are recognizable...

Hope I didn't disappoint Azlin and fervently hope that Kamil likes them! Happy Birthday Kamil!

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