Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ICCA Cake Decorating Class

I attended this class at Section 14, PJ, together with Aida, my SIL. It was great!

Here are my classmates, with Teacher Yoke Lin (who wears a white jacket), pictured together with our prized cakes.

This is my graduation cake. Took me hours to ice the cake and more hours to make the buttercream roses. Phew!

This is my SIL's graduation cake. Very pretty, isn't it? Sooo sweet...

This cake is dedicated to one my lovely daughters. Her name and age is on the cake!

Wedding celebration

Last weekend, there was a small gathering at my in-laws' house. The occasion was a 'majlis bertandang' of a cousin whose wedding we were unable to attend the week before.

It is sort of potluck event for the family. I brought this chocolate moist cake (again) with chocolate ganache filling and frosting, decorated with almond flakes and 'cigarette crackers'.

Cigarette crackers? What's that? Oooo, 'biskut rokok' ....heheheh :)

Ops, here, at the foreground, I baked apple struddel muffins to finish off some leftover green apples. Green apples by themselves are not a favourite at my house. This is my attempt to be 'environmentally friendly'....

Roses and cakes

I need to practise more on my roses, I mean, creating roses from buttercream icing. So, I baked an 8-inch simple butter cake to bring to my Grandma's on Hari Raya Korban. Also, as a treat to my daughter. Decorated with buttercream icing.

Here's the results!

My first project

This is it!

After months of contemplating, at last, on this second day of Muharam 1430H, as my new year resolution, I start my new blog on my culinary experience, my new hobby. I found that creative projects, such as cake decorations, give me a lot of satisfaction.

Let's see some of my attempts on cake decorations....

This is the raya cake I brought to my in-laws' during the recent Hari Raya. Butter cheese cake with cream cheese frosting. The writings were done using chocolate ganache.

Chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache frosting. I used buttercream icing for the writings. This cake was brought for house warming kenduri at my brother-in-law's new house.

(Needs more practise with my handwriting...:))

This cake is brought to the 2-in-1 celebration at my brother's house; Raya Open House and my nephews' birthday. The ganache needed to be improved. Too runny!
This is my 'testing' cake b4 I made the ...err...'real' thing!