Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My first project

This is it!

After months of contemplating, at last, on this second day of Muharam 1430H, as my new year resolution, I start my new blog on my culinary experience, my new hobby. I found that creative projects, such as cake decorations, give me a lot of satisfaction.

Let's see some of my attempts on cake decorations....

This is the raya cake I brought to my in-laws' during the recent Hari Raya. Butter cheese cake with cream cheese frosting. The writings were done using chocolate ganache.

Chocolate moist cake with chocolate ganache frosting. I used buttercream icing for the writings. This cake was brought for house warming kenduri at my brother-in-law's new house.

(Needs more practise with my handwriting...:))

This cake is brought to the 2-in-1 celebration at my brother's house; Raya Open House and my nephews' birthday. The ganache needed to be improved. Too runny!
This is my 'testing' cake b4 I made the ...err...'real' thing!

1 comment:

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