Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bon Voyage, Zafran!

This cake was requested by Haziq and friends for their friend who's going off to Egypt to continue his studies. Zafran is a future doctor, and he has just finished his 2-month-break at home.

His friends arranged a surprise going-off party at the airport (???) for him.

the simple chocolate moist cake ready to be taken to the airport at 6.00 am

I don't know why Zafran was called by this name.... I just wrote according to the script, prepared by Haziq...

Haziq requested a very simple (read: cheap) cake & design. Anyway, I didn't have much time to do a complicated design in a rushed order. Therefore, this cornelli design is enough...

I heard Zafran was really SURPRISED and touched by his friends' gesture.

The cake? It was finished in no time at all!

Bon Voyage, Zafran & Good Luck!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

MIL's Open House

Aha! My mum-in-law's Open House! Two in one project! Not only that I could bring something for her Open House, this is a great opportunity for me to try the following:

1. Vanilla cake - usually I did cupcakes with the recipe
2. Use my store-brought blueberry filling, which, I'm dying to try
3. Use again my Cake Leveller for layered cakes. This is going to be a 2-layered cake
4. Try this vine design again. I tried it once before, and I like it!
5. Practise for a better-looking handwriting, and a neater design.

Need to practise more on my 'cake sides' designs...

I think my handwriting is getting better, if I may say so...hohoho

Hope the guests like it!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Corporate Cake - ATAREK

Wow! My first ever corporate cake!

With great trepidation, I planned, bought necessary ingredients (including a brand new 11-inch baking tin), carefully measured the ingredients, and mixed them all, all the while keeping in mind all the tips and tricks that I've learned.

With great suspense, I watched the oven (every 5-10 minutes, mind you) while baking because I was afraid the cake will not turn out as expected as this is the first time I baked an 11-inch squared choc moist cake.

With great excitement, I planned and designed the decoration, thinking that the working adults who didn't know me would be more critical in their judgement of the design. Usually, my own family, friends and children 'patronised' my cakes. Although they support me (a lot!), realistically, they can be a little bit biased... nothing bad about it though, he,he,he... I know they all adore me...ho, ho, ho!

Anyway, as careful as I can, I decorated this cake till 12.30 am on a working day! The most challenging part is the logo and the hand-written wordings. Ops, that's the only design ON the cake, anyway!

Ta-da! My first corporate cake! Purple theme!

Oh well, I still need to brush up on my writing skills... they looked a little
bit skewed hu, hu, hu...

Anyway, from Haziq's tetimonial, I heard ATAREK'S staff received the cake pretty well. Alhamdulillah...

Thanks Haziq dear, for giving me the chance to do this marvelous baking project. I really had fun doing it!

Don't hesitate to inform me if you have any baking projects in the future!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Colorful cakes

These are belated pictures on Raya cakes. Somehow I was in the mood of baking butter cakes with colors, either rainbow cakes or marble cakes. I've baked several of these for Ramadhan and Raya season.

The rainbow cake before cutting.

The rainbow cake after being cut... I love the colors... This cake had 3 colors only. Once I made with 4 or 5 colors. I had so much fun!

This marble cake is sometimes called 'zebra cake'.

The cakes can be beautiful without buttercream, royal icing or fondant! And they are less messy to decorate and to eat!