Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bon Voyage, Zafran!

This cake was requested by Haziq and friends for their friend who's going off to Egypt to continue his studies. Zafran is a future doctor, and he has just finished his 2-month-break at home.

His friends arranged a surprise going-off party at the airport (???) for him.

the simple chocolate moist cake ready to be taken to the airport at 6.00 am

I don't know why Zafran was called by this name.... I just wrote according to the script, prepared by Haziq...

Haziq requested a very simple (read: cheap) cake & design. Anyway, I didn't have much time to do a complicated design in a rushed order. Therefore, this cornelli design is enough...

I heard Zafran was really SURPRISED and touched by his friends' gesture.

The cake? It was finished in no time at all!

Bon Voyage, Zafran & Good Luck!

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