Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We Are Friends Forever

It was great meeting old friends again especially those that you have not met for more than 20 years!

This carrot-orange-cupcakes-set was specially, lovingly made for the get-together at Subang Bestari. Thanks Jah for the venue, the delicious nasi dagang and the goodies.

Carrot orange cupcakes with buttercheese topping. It is easier to do a smooth topping compared to this 'wavy' design....

The cupcakes before the topping. I pricked the cupcakes with a toothpick and poured carrot+orange juice on the cakes to get tastier, yummier cakes. So yummy! Thanks Kak Zaleha for the recipe....

This is one on the pics at the event, which I stole from fb :). The half-finished cupcakes on the left, 'sitting' near a delicious carrot-walnut cake brought by Yan all the way from Pekan, Pahang. The other cake (ready-cut) is a butter cake with blueberry filling brought by Ita.

Indeed, it was a fun-filled gathering with lovely friends. Thanks Jah, Shada, Yan, Ita, Nin, Sham, Nora, Riz, Za and Ju for the friendship and for being there. For the rest who were not able to attend, we miss you. Hope we can meet again in the near future!

Luv u all!

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