Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sheriman's Wedding Cake Part II

I can't help creating a second post on Sheriman's Wedding Cake, credit to family members who painstakingly took hundreds of The Cake pictures for me. Err, wellll, not exactly HUNDREDS, but there are SO MANY of The Cake pictures that it took me HOURS to go through all those pictures and to select some for this post.

PHEW! (anyway, thank you guys... you know who you are ;), I love you all..)

So, without further ado, here's the second part of The Cake, at the venue itself... K-Club, Taman Melawati.


The Cake, situated near the Wedding Dais, sharing the glamour...:)

View from the Wedding Dais, you can see some guests eating at the round tables...

Aha, the most precious picture, the groom and his bride cutting The Cake.
They are so adorable, aren't they? (hmmm, maybe I'm a little bit biased here...:))

Another view of the cake cutting ceremony....

The Cake, before they cut it...

Yes, it's yours truly, cutting the cake for the guests...

The cake on the plate, ready to be eaten...

Again, dear Sheriman and Noriah, here's some prayers from this auntie:

Barakallahu lakuma wa baraka alaikuma wa jama'a bainakuma fil khair..

(from Maher Zain's song - Barakallah , check-it-out!)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sheriman's Wedding Cake

At last, the day that's we have been looking forward to this year, the Wedding of The Year (of the Adnan's clan) has arrived! Sheriman's wedding!

But I am not going to tell about the wedding, of course! I just want to tell about the Wedding Cake *smile*, which I have been (gleefully) planning for weeks!

I have done his engagement cake here, and I feel honored to do his Wedding Cake too. Of course the Wedding Cake must be spelled in CAPITAL letters, because to me it is soooo very, very important, the grandest cake of all mother-of-cakes *grin*.

I really had so much fun planning, baking and decorating this cake. I am so glad that Sheriman gave me the freedom to do whatever cake I had in mind. Oh, not so much freedom, he had two requests that I have to comply - the cake must be the usual chocolate moist cake that he likes and the theme color must be in white and silver/ gray. No problemo!

In any new baking projects, as much as I can, I try to do something new, by challenging myself in doing something that I have never done or tried before. It's so much fun and exhilarating! I wish I had more time (and occasion *grin*) to experiment more! Anyway, back to The Cake, I have accomplished the following skills/design, which I have been planning to do:

- Tiered fondant cake
- Stacked fondant cake
- Applying fondant on a square cake
- Applying fondant on a BIG square 11-inch cake (this is really a challenge!)
- Doing both stacked and tiered cakes in one project
- Make roses in a new way - learnt from youtube!
- Learn how to 'cover' imperfections(?) on a fondant cake... LOL!

Now, let's view The Wedding Cake......ta-da!........

The "topper", 7-inch round fondant choc moist cake with simple white roses,
adorned with silver balls (as dew drops) and ribbons.

The stacked "base", square 11-inch and 8-inch fondant choc moist cake adorned with connelli design (royal icing) and white fondant daisies with silver balls.
Not to forget the silverish gray ribbons!

Here's the square stacked cakes from top view.

Phew! Here's the 3-tiered stacked + tiered Wedding Cake *smile*.

Another view of The Wedding Cake.
I'm so glad the cake was successfully done, Alhamdulillah...

I would like to thank my cake mentor who have given me some tips and advice and my family for their endless support. I took me two whole days to finish it! The cake was so heavy that we had to plan carefully to transport it. Next time I'd know better!

And to the newlyweds, Sheriman and Noriah, Congratulations! Wish you the very best in this life (and Hereafter too!). Also, Congratulations to Kak Dah and Abang Din for the new addition to their family!