Monday, February 14, 2011

Sheriman's Engagement (5-2-2011)

OMG! At last, this nephew of mine is getting hitched!

At last! And I'm so very glad to hear the news, as I was afraid he's going to be a 'bujang terlajak'....*grin*.

And he ordered these 2 cakes just a week before the event. Luckily I still have some of the required ingredients for fondant, lest I have to dash to Lea-Oven at Putra Heights to get them. The rest of the ingredients and 'accessories' can be found around Selayang.

First, he ordered chocolate moist cake for him (and family ?) to eat. I'm glad he likes my cake!

Simple chocolate moist cake with ganache.
The date should be 5-2-2011 (I was late by a month :(...) , which is the date of his engagement.
However, I managed to correct it but forgot to snap the 'after' picture...
Oh, well...*smile*

Second, the engagement cake itself. A fondant cake (red theme) with chocolate moist cake inside...


This is the finished product, after putting the cake inside the see-through box.
The event was held at Simpang Pulai, Perak. Thus, I supplied the box too, with very simple decorations. For safety purposes *grin*...

View from top, before 'sealing' it inside the box..

Picture snapped before putting more 'accessories' onto the cake, ie., golden ribbon and gold beads... Some says it looks better like this, simple and clean...
Oh, well...*smile*

Anyway, Thanks Sheriman (Along) for trusting this not-so-ole' auntie to do this cake for your err, fiancee...

Congratulations Sheriman and Noriah for their engagement! Hope both of you will be wedded before end of the year!

Ha ha ha!

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