Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day Cake & Ice-Cream Cake version 2

It has been weeks since I've last updated this blog. Also, It's been weeks that I've not done any baking pojects.

Well, what can I say.... I needed a break, simply a break!

Now, my first project after the much-needed break was this... a Father's Day cake for my dear second-half. Just a simple butter-pandan cake, without all the trimmings (icing?) for the ...errr... more 'matured' Father *smile*. Of course, the more we aged, the more we need to be concerned about the food we eat...

Happy Father's Day dear... (first time we celebrate this occasion too....:) ).

Of course, the cake was requested by our lovely daughter, Dalilah. I can always count on her to remind me when to bake a cake. Even on yours truly's own birthday... *sigh**smile*

Because the Father's Day cake was a bit boring (errr, I mean...well... not decorated), I would like to....ahem, ahem... 'show off' this belated entry... my second try on ice-cream cake and whipped cream topping. For this cake, I decorated the cake with piping jelly (the web design) - my first piping jelly project.
This time around, I brought the cake to my mum's. As usual, ice-cream cakes are more well-received by everybody (yummy!), but, in our hot weather, we have to finish it quickly, lest it will melt. Nobody wants to eat a 'runny' cake!

The piping jelly was fabulous. I would like to try out more on piping jelly decorations after this. But, guess I need to practise more on whipped cream topping. Mine fell 'flat', not 'fluffy' enough...

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