Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ben 10 Mania!

Today is Hasif's Birthday!

I baked a chocolate cake with Ben 10 theme for him to celebrate with his friends and teachers at kindergarten. My first big cake decorated with edible image!

picture taken without the colorful candies

picture taken after decorated with colorful candies... I like it!
looks more cheerful & suitable for little children

for certain reason, Hasif received a lot of Ben 10-themed presents this year...
sharpeners, Ben 10 cards, pencils and Wii CD games....
mostly from his brothers...

last but not least, Ben 10-themed fancy cookies for Hasif's friends,
my first attempt too.... (thanks to my dear SIL for the recipe :))

Happy Birthday, my darling Hasif...

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  1. Ai..kek nie lau 2kg bpe harga yer? Ika-0183850856