Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Syafiq & Asyraf!

It was an honor to fulfill this order by Ina, Nisa's mom.

Quite a challenge to me since it was a last minute order. Ordered on Wednesday, to be picked-up on Thursday morning. Luckily I was still on Hari Raya leave, therefore I have just enough time to finish it before Ina came. Also, Ina did not require any specific design, therefore, I was given a free hand to unleash(?) my creativity. LOL!

However, I dare not show off my creativity much ... just KISS (keep it simple, sayang).

I am still in the mood of putting colorful candies on my creation...

Just added on some colorful rice deco for a 'celebration' effect... in line with
the kids theme

Hmm... on second thots, I think the candies should enough...

Oh well...

Hope Syafiq & Asyraf liked it! And (more importantly), Ina too!

Thanks Ina for your support!

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