Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Labbaikallah hummalabbaik...

Labbaikallaa hummalabbaik
Labbaikalaa syarii kalakalabbaik
Laa syarii kalak...

Dear Zub,

How are you doing, now that you have arrived safely at Madinah Al Munawwarah? Hope that you are fine and able to complete the 40 consecutive prayers at The Mosque. Please pray for me so that I'd be able to visit Madinah again, okay...

And, please don't forget to pray for me too during Arafah Day when you do your Hajj. Please mention my name, or at least keep me in your thoughts and prayers whenever you are in Masjidil Haraam, whether during tawaf, sa'ie or i'tikaaf.

May Allah bestow upon you Haji Mabrur.

May Allah grants us our wishes and keeps us on the right path. Ameen...

Note: The above cake is a gift for my colleague, Zubaidah, during her Birthday cum Farewell-for-Hajj event at my office. Her departure date was 30-10-2009. Have a safe journey, Zub!

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