Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chocolate Moist Cakes

These are some of the cakes that I baked during the festive season for my family and friends.

I did a baking marathon for this chocolate-cake-in-aluminium-foil theme. One each for Diana, Zarif and a get-together-event at Robi's house.

So simple, a bit boring, but suitable for a busy mom like me...

Just pour some choc ganache and sprinkle on some choc rice. Voila!

Bored and tired already with the cake-in-aluminium-foil theme, I'm back with the usual not-so-simple choc moist cake.

This is for Joe or Uncle Joe to my children. My other half's best friend.

A gift for his Open House event.

With utmost difficulties, I managed to decorate it although the cake is still warm.

The ganache took a looooong time to harden and the wordings melted, in fact it 'drowned' into the ganache! *alarmed*

Luckily, the wordings were not totally 'drowned', lest you couldn't read it!

Lessons learnt: Do not attempt to decorate any cakes while it is still hot/warm! Cool the cakes for at least 4 hours before decorating, teacher said.

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