Sunday, March 6, 2011

My First Red Red Velvet

Happy Birthday Darling Dalilah!

Since Dalilah's birthday was in the middle of the week, I had to do this cake in 'instalments'. Firstly, I bought the ingredients bit by bit the week before, measured the ingredients and sifted the dry ingredients on Saturday, baked the cake on Sunday and lastly, made the icing and decorated the cake on Tuesday.


It's okay, I enjoyed it tremendously! I love trying new cakes especially when there is an occasion where I can try it (without much risk *smile*). Thanks to my dear cousin for the great recipe. I peeped here too for additional tips (thanks Min *smile*).

Here's the precious cake for a precious girl!

The red velvet, perching on Dalilah's study table...

A shot from another angle... it's quite a challenge to do this wavy design
(instead of a smooth and clean design)... surprise, surprise!

Aha, a rare gem... a picture of my cake, after it was cut...
I managed to do a 2-layer only...

Darling Dalilah, celebrating with some of her close friends... after
Puteri Islam co-curriculum activity (can see her Puteri Islam t-shirt *smile*)...

May Allah bless you always, my little darling girl!

We love you very much!

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