Monday, May 2, 2011

Butter Cake for Shamsul's Fiance-to-be

It's been a long time that I have last updated this blog. In fact there are some baking projects that I have not updated yet. Sorry peeps. I'm up to my ears with work nowadays :(....

Having said that, it takes a really special event that motivate me to publish this post. Ahem!

What event?

It's the 'merisek' event for Shamsul, my niece! Merisek is a pre-engagement tradition that most Malays still practise. Nowadays it is usually a small event only attended by the parents of both parties, at the girl's parent's house.

But for Shamsul, it was quite a big affair, similar to an engagement.

Thus, it needs a cake! A beautiful (ahem..) cake!

Here it is!

I have been finding the opportunity to try this two-toned rosebuds! At first it was a challenge, but after a while, it's a breeze! Love it! I will surely add this to my repertoire!

More simple two-toned roses at the bottom of the cake...all around the cake...

More rosebuds at the sides...

Lastly, packed in the decorated, transparent box to be presented to the fiance-to-be...

It's a joy to decorate this cake.

Thanks Kak Sal and Shamsul for the trust in me.

For Shamsul, really happy for you and please take care, dear....

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