Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hasif's 6th Birthday Cake

I scratched my head to think what theme to celebrate Hasif's birthday this year. The previous year was Ben 10. Before that it was Spongebob Squarepants. At last I settled on Cars theme for this year. As I didn't think I will have the time to do a complicated cake, I decided to decorate with edible image. Simple! Just order from my friend Lea.

As last year, Hasif preferred/agreed to celebrate at his kindy, together with his friends and teachers. Phew! I prefer that too! Less hassle to this busy mom...

These are the things to do if you want to celebrate your children's birthday at his/her kindergarten/school:
1. Call or talk to the class teacher, asking for permission and state the celebration date.
2. Tell the teacher what things (food, cakes, party packs etc.) you wish to bring to school, so that the teacher can be prepared.
3. Ask the teacher what time you can bring those things and whether you (or other people) could attend too or whether the teacher could manage without you coming along (or whatever plan you have in mind...:)..)
4. Not to forget, it is important to ask the teacher anything else needed to make the celebration smooth and enjoyable for all. In my case, the teacher reminded me of paper plates and how many party packs that I should prepare. I threw in some disposable forks and spoons too. And serviette.
5. Lastly, prepare everything in advance so that you won't forget anything.

So, here's what I prepared for Hasif....

This light-blue-coloured, 11-inch, 5-kilos square choc moist cake took hours to decorate!
It is more difficult to smooth a square cake compared to the round one.
Not to mention a BIG cake like this!

The sleepy Hasif, with the cake just after I finished decorating, nearly at 1.00 am.
He insisted to wait until I finished decorating...he could't wait to look at the finished product...
Isn't that sweet of him...

A little detail at the side of cake....

Hasif with his friends at the kindy... (it was gym day, thus the t-shirt...).
Smile for the camera! Cheeeeese!

Happy Birthday Hasif! We love you very much!
Muah, muah, muah...

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