Sunday, January 8, 2012

Congratulations Zaharah & Hj Mohd Raimi

Dear Zaharah,

Thanks a lot for the invitation to your lovely wedding reception at Bukit Aman recently. I'm really happy for you. I'm sure Tuan Haji would be a fine husband/ partner for you and a great step-father for your children. Yes, you will gain a step-son too, and a whole entourage of great in-laws! Very glad to know and witness that they really welcome you into their family wholeheartedly!

I sincerely hope and pray to Allah SWT that this marriage will bring happiness to both of you in this world and the Hereafter too.

As a little token from this humble friend, here's a little cake for you & family. A butter-strawberry cake as I have some strawberry juice from my vacation to Cameron Highland recently, which I think would be a lovely for you. The all-white buttercream icing with some pink roses seems so fitting with the occasion...

Here's the cake before putting any wording's on it. I tried some string-work on the sides.
Hmm, looks like I need some improvement on that area :)

Here' the top view...

Yours truly is finishing-up some final touches to the cake...

The final output, at last ....:)

All packed and ready to be presented to the bride and bridegroom at their house.

Hope you like the cake Zaharah, and again, Congratulations!

Barakallahu lakuma
Wa baraka alaikuma
Wa jama'a bainakuma
Fil khair...

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