Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Kak Long!

I have been dreaming of trying the basketweave design again on any cakes. The last one I did was during my brother's housewarming event - here is the link.

I got the chance during for Kak Long's birthday cake. Awesome!

Actually, this cake was made and decorated on the same day as in my previous post. The cake is the same, strawberry cake. I purposely made the buttercream icing for two cakes (and use the same colour, too lazy to prepare so many colours *smile* ).

The difference is the shape of the cakes and of course, the deco.

Let's see what I prepared for Kak Long....

I lost the Wilton tip to do the roses *sad*, so I have to be satisfied with this easy-rose design.
Can you see the basketweave design?
There's still room for improvement (RFI), I know... *smile*.

View from the side of this square cake. Notice that some part of the 'grass' is white? I ran out of green-coloured icing and ran out of time,
thus have to be satisfied with white-coloured grass, lol!
Oh, there's something new which I have not tried before, notice the white-picket design at the sides? It was Dalilah's idea! I think it looks great on this cake!

After the intricate basketweave design with the sweet roses around it, I failed on the handwriting again*grin*. Well, there is RFI!

Another view from the side...

Happy Birthday to my lovely niece, Kak Long Ameera Farisha! We love you!

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