Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Atok and Dalilah!

02 March 2013.

That's exactly the birthday date and at the request from Atok, we managed to book a table for 30 at Hadramawt, Jalan Ampang to celebrate the event.

Everybody of Atok's children, children-in-laws and grand-children managed to attend he event except for 4. We had a grand time eating and talking, just the family.

Since it was  birthday celebration, the restaurant gave us a cake! Yahoo! I don't have to bake a cake this time! Anyway, although this cake look beautiful, I prefer a homemade cake anytime..

The cake had some fruits on it, put together with some whipped cream and chocolate shaves.. I like!
The waitress had an 'accident' during handling, thus the smudged look at the side..
It's okay. as long as it stayed on the plate!

The birthday girl and 'boy', cutting the cake. 
The granddaughter and the grandfather having the same birth date...

Happy Birthday Darlings...
May Allah bless you both, Atok and Dalilah...

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