Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chicken Pie anyone?

Chicken pie is one of the savories that my family like, especially my better half. So, last weekend I made some, using the recipe from Norzailina Nordin, the celebrity chef, who generously shares her famous recipes.

However, I'm too lazy to make the pastry from scratch. So I used ready-made 'roti pratha', hehehe.
From the recipe, I managed to get 3 big pies and 6 small ones (egg tart size).

I really slaved in the kitchen last weekend to do this, but, it was worth it. Not a morsel left!

Note: At the moment of this posting, my better half is at Birmingham, UK. I guess he has forgotten my chicken pie already, instead, he might be having a good time eating countless, tastier pies over there! Huhuhu...

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