Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baked Macaroni with hot tuna

Once in a while I include some savories in my 'baking projects'. However, I always forgot to take pictures of those projects, mainly because they are not as pretty as the cakes. Anyway, who decorates baked savories, i.e, baked macaronis or quiches, right?

As my other (and better) half does not favour sweet stuffs, such as cakes and cookies, so, as much as possible I try to find recipes that suit his tastebud as part of my baking projects. Such as this 'Baked Macaroni with hot Tuna'. Thanks Roslina for sharing the recipe. InsyaAllah I will bake it again as my other half really likes it!

A little bit burnt, but still okay (read: can still be eaten) *smile*. Below was the leftover...


1 bowl (soup) of macaroni (boiled as intructed on the packaging)
1 small box of Dutch Lady fresh milk
3 pieces of bread

To be mixed:
Half bottle of mayonnise (small)
2 pieces pf capsicum (bell peppers) diced into small cubes
5 medium-sized eggs (beaten)
2 cans of hot tuna
crushed black peppers
salt to taste
mozarella cheese (grated)

Tear the bread into small pieces and soak it in the milk for a while. Mix everything and pour into a casserole dish. Bake for 35-45 minutes 175C.

So easy, right?

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