Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nana's Engagement Ceremony

Phew! At last it's over. Months of planning by Kak Sal and family for Nana's engagement ceremony was successfully executed yesterday. We are very happy for Nana and her fiance.

This is the cupcakes that I humbly contributed for the 'return hantaran', inspired by the English Bouquet from Mama Lea. For this, I baked butter cheesecake, decorated with buttercream icing.

This is the cupcakes inside the casing after decorated by Nana and me at her house, the night before the ceremony...

Another picture of the set of cupcakes beside the 'mini pelamin'.

Last but not least, these are the same batch of cupcakes, only decorated differently (with strawberry filling), for the guests.

Congratulations Nana and Adlan. May Allah bless you both, and please take good care of yourselves....

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  1. hehe design saya ? tak jugak la... kita pun pinjam dsign dari fiza chiquecake .... anyway, very nice and neatly done ....